Say It Loud! provides meaningful and productive opportunities that enables talented storytellers from underrepresented backgrounds to develop necessary skills, gain professional industry credits and build successful careers.



A place where people meet, share stories and create lasting friendships.

We use traditional and digital storytelling techniques to bring people from diverse faiths and ethnicities together to engage in constructive healing dialogue. 


The Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Room is dedicated to bringing people together and sharing stories. Our safe spaces provided a platform for people to talk about mental health and environment. We welcomed members of the community to listen, learn or participate in conversation with professionals within the arts and education industries. 

The Future of



Filmmaking is evolving

The film industry is about innovation. That’s the great thing about our industry: that it can change. What we have achieved so far gives us hope that we can create an industry, which is inclusive, makes the most of the authentic diverse stories waiting to be told, and satisfies an increasing global audience.  Individuals and organizations driving the innovation in the film industry have good reason to feel proud of their achievements. However, we understand that challenges lay ahead. Seven Winds is working with like-minded solution-oriented partners to create the framework for our industry’s much-needed change.

Driving Innovation

To help drive innovation, Seven Winds works with grassroots organizations and film industry partners on new approaches that supports the current and future generations of diverse talent from underrepresented backgrounds. Our approach is aimed at enhancing the creative industry’s diversity and inclusion efforts. We are creating initiatives that are reflective of the challenges our industry faces.  We are channelling our energies where they can really make a difference.  We’re thinking about sustainability, so we are adopting a holistic approach that has a meaningful and lasting impact.  Our aim is to work from the ground up, driving innovation to accelerate the careers of a new wave of diverse talent.

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