The Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Room podcast was launched in the height of the covid 19 pandemic. The project was dedicated to bringing people together and sharing stories. Our safe spaces provided a platform for people to talk about mental health and environment. We welcomed members of the community to listen , learn or participate in conversation with professionals within the arts and education industries. 

Hosted by Stevii Campbell & Norman Bailey


Connecting people

The Rainbow Rooms was designed to get people talking and supporting each other. We encouraged our members to keep in contact.  Because we were able to hold Rainbow room sessions in person people formed new friendships.  Several members reported that because of the friendships formed on the Rainbow Rooms project they feel more connected to the wider community. 

Additionally, several members reported a reduction in their sense of isolation.  Plus, we were also on hand over the phone for any additional support, signposting to professional organisations if additional help was required.



The Rainbow Room focus is to educate a wider audience. We believe this can help alleviate and hopefully one day eradicate the pressures and prejudices placed on the shoulders of members of the LGBTQ+ community. It is often a misunderstanding or poor education surrounding the community which can cause the pressures for those within. A podcast developing people's understanding is our solution. 

Through consultations with Rainbow Room members, we realised people wanted to learn skills that would give them a voice. So, we dedicated some Rainbow Room sessions to teaching people how to tell their stories.  Through one of our stakeholders, the British Film Institute (BFI), we were able to teach members how to reach the wider community through film.  A by-product of this is that we are supporting Rainbow Room members to keep learning whilst supporting them in their desire return to education and improve their literacy skills.

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